Arta Natura

types of boudoir shoots


Indoor Boudoir & Intimate Portraits

An indoor photo shoot is ideal for more traditional boudoir sessions, and can provide fun opportunities to interact with the architecture of the space. (It’s also the warmest option in the winter.)

Sessions can be booked in our Victorian house studio space in Deadwood, in the northern Black Hills. The space has bright natural light and lots of features, including:

  • 19th-century organ lit with candles

  • original turn-of-the-century stained glass

  • wood floors and staircase

  • vintage bedroom and library

  • fireplace and fur rug

  • tiled bathrooms with walk-in shower and clawfoot bathtubs

Most boudoir shoots can also be booked on-site in a location of your choice.



Outdoor Boudoir & Intimate Portraits

Shooting boudoir-style portraits in the outdoors has become more common, and it can produce a more fine art look. It’s a way to combine the beauty of nature with your own personal beauty - and it’s a lot of fun!

For sessions booked in the Black Hills, we have several go-to locations, including:

  • aspen forests

  • grassy hilltops with lots of sun

  • waterfalls and cascades

  • old towers

If there are places that are special to you, let’s talk about them. Like indoor shoots, most outdoor sessions can be arranged at a location special to you.